My name is Sandra and I live in the Canadian prairies! A small town girl at heart, I am originally from Northern Canada.  Forever a dreamer,  I'm forever going off on little adventures inside my head, which I suppose is part of me being a creative person.  I started off as an artist, always sketching and doodling on everything that was put in front of me, and eventually carved out a spot for myself in the needlework industry creating cross stitch patterns.  

I fell in love with photography a long time ago, but had to set it aside for a growing family.   I came back to it about 5 years ago and it has been a blessing to me in so many ways.  I find that the simple act of immersing myself in nature grounds me and makes the stress of a busy and active life go away.  I find the same happens when I am shooting macro as I can let all of the "big world" melt away and just focus on those little details in a tiny world most of us never see or pay attention to.  Photography has become my "escape".  

You’ll notice that most of my photos are centred around the life I live here in the land of big skies, cold, white winters, and big open spaces. There is beauty all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see it! ;)  

Thanks for checking out my page and I hope you enjoy my photos.  Thank you for letting me show you how the world looks to me.  

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Also:  a two time proud contributor to the Photographers For Good Foundation, the Plus One Collection.  

Photographers For Good

Featured in Nathan Wirth's Slices Of Silence blog : A Mind Of Winter

Honourable Mention in the 2014 Stark Awards

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Solitude - honourable mention in the 2014 Stark Awards


Photohaus Gallery"Solitude" will be on display at the in Vancouver from April 11 - 30 for the Stark Awards Gallery show.  

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